FarmVille 2 Piece of Wood Guide

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    FarmVille 2 Piece of Wood Guide

    How to get Piece of Wood in FarmVille 2. FarmVille 2 Piece of Wood  Piece of Wood can be harvested from FarmVille 2 Pine Tree Pine Tree which is tree in FarmVille 2 and Piece of Wood can be sold in Market Stand for FarmVille 2 Coins 133 Coins. In Addition, also used in Crafting Recipes

  • FarmVille 2 Lumber    Lumber
  • From Tree Name : Pine Tree
    Product Name : Piece of Wood
    FarmVille 2 Pine Tree
    FarmVille 2 Piece of Wood
    Product Resource Information
      FarmVille 2 Coins  133 Coins
    Crafting Recipes: 
      FarmVille 2 Lumber    Lumber

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